Barakaldo green mesh

What is Barakaldo Green Mesh?

The green mesh is the network of connections, pedestrian and / or cyclables, between the main urban and periurbanal green spaces of the municipality. In turn, its connection with the adjoining municipalities is part of the green belt of metropolitan Bilbao.

It is a network of sustainable mobility, through which we can move in a healthy way, know the cultural and natural heritage of the municipality and enjoy its parks, squares, recreational areas…

Biodiversity, inside and outside the city

Botanical Garden

The Ramón Rubial Botanical Garden, in the heart of the city, offers us the opportunity to discover a wide representation of the plant biodiversity of native and exotic species. Its location in a watchtower allows us to enjoy views of the nearby mountains.

Ria Ibaizabal-Nervión 

The estuary is the main urban ecological corridor of the functional area of Bilbao Metropolitano. The removal of spills and the purification of the waters in recent decades has allowed life to return to the estuary: microscopic plankton, algae, crustaceans, fish (more than 55 species) and birds.

Parks, gardens, squares and city streets

Within the urban fabric of the municipality we also find a large sample of species of flora and fauna, we only have to pay a little attention. In addition to large trees and a significant number of significant monuments and contemporary works.

Ribera Park

The riverside areas represent in themselves spaces of great importance for the development of the so-called riverside or gallery forests that, in addition to housing a significant plant diversity, are used by many faunistic species to move safely without exposure to predators. They are valuable ecological corridors.

Routes from the Botanical Garden

Barakaldo Watchtowers

Discover the contrast of the views from the Botanical Garden and Mount Rontegi.

Historical-cultural barakaldo

This itinerary explores the main monuments and buildings of cultural value of Barakaldo.

Barakaldo Gardens

Circular tour to get to know unique gardens and the new green areas of the city.

Barakaldo and the Iron

A walk to visit the remains of the structures of the cargoes of the Estuary and get to know the mining past of Barakaldo. If we follow the route of the old mining railway of Luchana-Mining we can reach the Regato and visit the remains of Las Julianas and the mining area of Arnabal.

A walk along the Banks

Walk along the banks that border the city of the rivers Castaños, Galindo, Cadagua and the estuary, marked by important testimonies of our cultural and industrial heritage.

Naturalistic-cultural itineraries

The way of Saint James

The stage of the Camino del Norte that runs between the municipalities of Bilbao and Portugalete, crosses our municipality and allows us to discover resources of great relevance (Puente deL DiabLo, medieval road of San-tagueda,..)

PR-BI 101 Peñas Blancas Route

Circular tour of the municipalities of Barakaldo and ALonsotegi, which runs through Las Sierra de Sasiburu, crosses the limestone karts of Peñas Blancas and links hermitages of great Romera tradition (Santa Agueda, Santa Kiteria and San Antolín).

PR-BI 210 The Water Road

Path that follows the course of the Castaños River and runs next to The marshes of Etxebarria and Gorostiza, passing through The neighborhood of Tellitu.

Mining remains

Detour to the Luchana-Mining station and in a short circular route, this variant allows us to visit several remains of mining activity in the area..

Visit Barakaldo

Barakaldo Turismo

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