The origin of the municipality

Chronicles show this place as the origin of the village. Here, in the place where we start our walk, the church of Barakaldo was built on the flatland of a small hill, probably in the early thirteenth century and dedicated to San Vicente. At that time, a few country houses occupy this village inhabited by farmers. Eight centuries later, the church still retains its proud appearance, despite the many changes it has undergone during all this time.

Its surroundings are far from the bucolic image that historical reviews transmit. High buildings have replaced the old ones and a few green areas, such as the one for the botanical garden, remind the great scene full of vegetable gardens and fields surrounding this neighbourhood.

San Vicente
Our tour starts at the square Plaza de la Anteiglesia de San Vicente (N. 1), just in the same place where the first City Hall of Barakaldo was located in 1879. In front of us, we find the church of San Vicente, whose current structure goes back to the first half of the seventeenth century, although it has undergone numerous architectural interventions since that time.

His restored altarpiece is a gilded wooden piece of furniture, with a skirting board and a layer organized in three blocks. It is an eclectic altarpiece with neoclassical elements but also with others from the baroque decorative repertoire. The Images it has are a neoclassical San Antonio de Padua, a modern San José, the trio of the Calvary, composed of baroque images of the early eighteenth century and, dominating the whole, a portrait of a young San Vicente, with eyes raised toward the sky.

Avenida Miranda
Our itinerary goes to Miranda Avenue now. Once there, on our left we can admire some of the most outstanding examples of workers’ housing (N. 2) in Barakaldo. There are twenty three houses that take a land with L shape between Francisco Gómez and Elexpuru streets and were raised for AHV employees in the first decade of the last century.

Opposite these buildings, the San Vicente park is opened to the sport centre of the same name, Grupo Escolar Juan Gorostiza and the Fundación Miranda foundation (N. 3), a U-shaped building, preceded by a large garden, that has worked as a home for elderly poor people since its opening in 1914. A new and more up-to-date building houses now this task while the old building has been allocated to the municipal school of music and to and special school for disabled people. In front of this area is the hospital San Eloy, a modern installation dedicated to preserve.

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