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Antonio Miranda y Arana was born in Burceña (Barakaldo) on July 10, 1831, to the family of poor farmers. At the age of 15 he went to Cuba, to work with his uncle, who owned a fabric business in Havana.

He works actively in the fabric industry, negotiating with various European capitals. He retired at the age of 38, returning to Spain. He settled in Bilbao (for 6 years he is Director of the Bank of Bilbao), until the year 1,887. He moved to San Sebastián, where he died on January 2, 1,910 (aged 78).

In his will, granted 2 days before he died, he leaves all his fortune, except some legacy and command, for an Asylum to be founded and sustained in Barakaldo, for the care of poor elders children of his hometown; name Albaceas (José Sotero Echevarría Mújica -cura ecologomo, Juán Laffitte Obieta -lawyer and Pedro González Bilbao -private administrator, all of San Sebastian), entrusted them with all the work to make their wish a reality. 

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