Political and citizen process

In June 2017 the Barakaldo City Council announced the beginning of a work process on historical memory in the municipality with the following objectives:

  • Incorporate all municipal political groups into the work of recovering historical memory.
  • Enable the participation of citizens in the design of local public policies regarding the recovery of historical memory.
     Consensual design between political groups and citizens a plan of action in this field in accordance with the guidelines established by international law.
  • As a result of this work, a guidance and operational framework document was made for the future development of public policies for the recovery of Historical Memory in Barakaldo.

Other performances performed:

  • Research on franco warfare and repression in Barakaldo and left margin, which has concluded with the publication of two articles in the K-Barakaldo aldizkaria magazine: “Guda Zibila Barakaldon”, by Koldobika López Grandoso; and “Women and Memory of Franco’s Repression on the Left Bank”, by Beatriz Díaz and Belén Solé.
  • Acquisition of bibliographic funds: the work La Guerra Civil in Barakaldo, by Barakaldés Koldobika López Grandoso, researcher on the civil war and Franco’s period in Barakaldo.
  • Placement of the paintings of the Barakaldés Higinio Polo, made for the headquarters of ANV in the time of the Republic, in the hall of the municipal plenary, a pre-eminent place with which they achieve their dignification.

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