Munoa state

Discover the Munoa state The place of Munoa, one of the historical spaces of Barakaldo,…

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Finca Munoa


Finca Munoa

Munoa state

Discover the Munoa state The place of Munoa, one of the historical spaces of Barakaldo, is already mentioned in 1569 as one of the properties of the nearby Monastery of Burceña and there had to exist until the middle of…

Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden ,designed by the architect Angel of Diego Rica and inaugurated in 2002, is a living museum where vegetation becomes art. It is located within the urban area of the municipality, with several access gates; the main door…
Bilbao Exhibition Centre

Bilbao Exhibition Centre

It occupies the lands of the plain of Ansio, previously owned by Altos Hornos de Bizkaia. It was inaugurated on April 21, 2005, being finished “some” of its details throughout that same year. Designed by two engineering companies Idom and…

Edificio Ilgner

Ilgner building

Electrical processing building built in 1926 that served the AHV facilities.After careful restoration, it now hosts the headquarters of CEDEMI (Left Margin Business Development Center) whose objective is to promote and catalyze innovative business projects. 

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Centro de Interpretación Histórica Medio Ambiental (Luis Choya Almaraz)

Enviromental historical (Luis Choya Almaraz)

The Center for Historical and Environmental Interpretation of Barakaldo (CIHMA•Luis Choya Almaraz) is an equipment managed by the Barakaldo City Council, which is included in the Ezagutu Barakaldo educational and cultural project.  This interpretive and exhibition center is an installation…


A forest is a very complex ecosystem formed by a group of living beings: herbaceous plants, lichens, mosses, microorganisms, as well as invertebrate and vertebrate animals shelter under the shelter of trees and shrubs. A mature forest reaches maximum biomass,…

Museo Aguinaga

Aguinaga museum

The Aguinaga Museum arises from the constant need to enhance the Brand by creating a unique experience that transports the visitor to the past through the history of the Brand and perceives the evolution of it as an exciting milestone.The…

Campo de fútbol de Lasesarre

Lasesarre football field

This modern stadium with capacity for 8,000 spectators sitting indoors and the nearby sports center are two examples of Barakaldo’s new avant-garde architecture. 

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River ferry


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Cargadero de la dársena

Dock load

The cargo of the Franco-Belga mining company, once a sign of the business drive of this whole region, has become a monument to this industrial past.Apart from its didactic use, the building now serves as an extraordinary viewpoint from which…

Iglesia de San Vicente Mártir (siglo XIV)

Church of St. Vicent Martyr (14th century)

From the first half of the seventeenth century, it has been the subject of numerous architectural interventions. Its main altarpiece features a neoclassical San Antonio de Padua, a modern San José, the trio of ordeal composed of baroque images from…

Herriko plaza

Herriko square

Iconic place and center of the social life of Barakaldo. The clock tower and kiosk are its most unique elements, along with the sculpture of Lucas Alcalde “Monument to industry”. Nearby, you will find the Town Hall and the Barakaldo Theatre. 

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The Castaños river is the backbone of the basin and the valley of El Regato/Errekatxo. Although several of its sections are channeled or dammed, we can still find a small representation of the riparian forest.The fluvial system, formed by the…


The spiny stickleback is a brownish fish between 5 and 8 cm in size that lives in the Chestnut River. Despite its small size, its life cycle is very interesting. In addition, its appearance is unusual because it lacks scales…

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