Munoa state

Discover the Munoa state The place of Munoa, one of the historical spaces of Barakaldo,…

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Finca Munoa



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Barakaldo theatre

The Barakaldo Theatre is a public equipment, a space open to citizenship, that places…

Edificio Ilgner

Ilgner building

Electrical processing building built in 1926 that served the AHV facilities.After careful restoration, it…

Cargadero de la dársena

Dock load

The cargo of the Franco-Belga mining company, once a sign of the business drive…

Ayuntamiento de Barakaldo

Barakaldo town hall

It is surprising that this building that can be considered a true milestone in…

Parque de las esculturas

Sculture park

Located at the back of the Palace of Justice, in Bide-Onera Square.This venue showcases…

Palacio de justicia


Courts of Barakaldo, specialized courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction.In civil jurisdiction, a family…

Museo Aguinaga

Aguinaga museum

The Aguinaga Museum arises from the constant need to enhance the Brand by creating…

Plaza Bide Onera

Bide Onera square

At the end of the pedestrian Paseo de los Fueros, Bide Onera Square exhibits…

Hospital de Cruces

Cruces hospital

This large provincial hospital of 650 beds built in the middle of the post-war…

Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden ,designed by the architect Angel of Diego Rica and inaugurated in…
Herriko plaza

Herriko square

Iconic place and center of the social life of Barakaldo. The clock tower and kiosk…

Finca Munoa

Munoa state

Discover the Munoa state The place of Munoa, one of the historical spaces of…

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