Barakaldo town hall

It is surprising that this building that can be considered a true milestone in the architecture of the time and is, of course, the most interesting City Hall of those built until then in Bizkaia, has not had the recognition it deserves.

It was about building a modern Town Hall, plus the courts, in one of the most industrialized towns in the Basque Country that in 1960 already had 78,000 inhabitants.

The answer consisted of a perfectly articulated building volumetrically, on a T-shaped floor that took over the large plot, although creating an open patio in the main access from the Plaza de los Fueros (now Herriko Plaza).

It emphasizes the treatment of the main body and the composition of its facades through large cloths. Both the general configuration and the details evoke Scandinavian architecture and more specifically that of the Danish architect Jacobsen. 

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