Capital of the region of Ezkerraldea in Bizkaia, is located about 8 kilometers from Bilbao, on the left bank of the Nervión estuary. The fourth ​city of the Basque Country and the second in Bizkaia in population, it is a strategic enclave thanks to its proximity to the airport and its excellent communications.

Barakaldo surprises the visitor with a variety of unexpected landscapes and contrasts. Cultural assets classified as the Munoa Estate or the Mineral loadings, natural environments of great beauty such as El Regato and attractive green areas such as the Ramón Rubial Botanical Garden 

Proud of its Industrial past, Barakaldo looks to the future converted into a services city and international business centre, as the headquarters of the Bilbao International Trade Fair (BEC). Barakaldo is a lively city thanks to its  dynamic trade, a rich cultural activity and a culinary heritage  of exquisite quality.

Bide Onera

Green and natural

Barakaldo boasts a great variety of natural and green areas. These spots are home to a unique landscape, cultural or natural charm. These are exponents of the environmental awareness of a city, and previously a leading industrial centre, which gives great importance to caring for the environment. From the River Nervión estuary, which mirrors the city’s reflection, to the summits of its mountains with their breathtaking views, Barakaldo has much to offer:

  • The Malla Verde [Green Links] with routes through urban parks or along the river banks. • La Orkonera greenway and path.
  • Dolores Ibarruri promenade and Barakaldo-La Arena cycle path
  • The botanical garden, 60,000 m2 with over 300 species of trees, shrubs, seasonal plants that are native to the area and from other continents.
  • El Regato with magical landscapes and picture-postcard views.
  • The peaks: Zamaia, Sasiburu, Apuko, Arroletza, Mendibil, Argalario, Peñas Blancas…
  • The Way of St. James coastal route, with its medieval road, or the Way of St. Agatha, which runs from the Puente del Diablo [Devil’s Bridge] through the Larrazabal forest.
  • The English park at the Munoa Estate with its 3.5 hectares of great botanical wealth.

General data

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  • Historical territory:  Bizkaia.
  • Shire: Great Bilbao.
  • Judicial Party: Barakaldo.
  • Geographic Situation:: 43º 17′ 45″ N 2º 41′ 30″ W.
  • Extension: 25.03 Square Km.
  • Perimeter: 25.084 m.
  • Average altitude: 349 m.
  • Medium altitude Urban area: 39 m.

Located on the left bank of the estuary, about 8 km from the biscay capital, it extends over an area of just over 25 square km.

Its topography is relatively undulating, with small mountains, among which are the Argalario Peak (513 m.) and the Arroletza (456 m.), the latter in the Cordillera de Sasiburu, as well as Peñas Blancas (462 m.), Apuko (560 m.) and Burzako (443 m.).

Three rivers bathe the territory of Barakaldo: Castaños, which, from El Regato, joins the Galindo; Kadagua, who, coming from Geese, marks the border with Bilbao and taxes its waters to the estuary in Burtzeña; and finally the Nervión, already turned estuary.

The climate is typical of Biscay, with mild summers, prolonged winter and good autumn. Its average annual temperature is 14o between an annual minimum of 8,o and a maximum of 18o. The prevailing winds are of NO component.

To the north it borders the municipalities of Sestao and Trapagaran; to the south with those of Güeñes and Alonsotegi; to the east, through the estuary with Bilbao and Erandio, to the west with those of Galdames and Güeñes.

The municipality consists of the electoral districts of:

  • District 01 Centro-Zaballa 
  • District 02 Lasesarre – Urban Galindo
  • District 03 Rontegi
  • District 04 Bagaza-Santa Teresa-Beurko
  • District 05 San Vicente
  • District 06 Arteagabeitia-Zuazo
  • District 07 Retuerto-El Regato-Kareaga
  • District 08 Lutxana-Burtzeña
  • District 09 Cruces

Festivities and entertainment

The Barakaldo festivities are the ultimate expression of the open spirit, welcoming and festive spirit of its citizens. A sign of its own identity that is enjoyed in different celebrations throughout the year. To the main festivities, in honour of Our Lady of EL Carmen, are added other dates noted such as the Feast of the Cherry, St. Cecilia or the festivities of the city´s different neighborhoods. The fun in Barakaldo continues all year round, thanks to a lively nightlife and a varied hospitality sector.


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