Daughter of Maria Gago. Chief nurse during the Civil War of Barakaldo's blood hospitals at the age of 23.
Conchi Alonso
In June 1937 he left the steamer Havana for England with Emilio, one of his brothers and María Angeles Bolado: In June 1937 he left with a brother also in Havana. In your case, to France.
Flori Díaz y María Ángeles Bolado
He witnessed the bombing of Alonsotegi directly.
Iñaki Errazt
Their political and trade union militancy led them to be detained and tried by the Court of Public Order in 1972.
Juan Antonio Mendieta y Juan José Sainz
Juan Antonio Mendieta and Juan José Sainz He holds a degree in History. He has been researching the events of the Civil War in Barakaldo for many years. He is the author of the book "The Civil War in Barakaldo: Eleven Months of Resistance".
Koldobika López
He is currently Director of Cultural Heritage of the Basque Government. He is the author of the book Barakaldo, an industrial city. A boom and consolidation (1900-1937) and Barakaldo, an industrial city. Splendour, Crisis and Renewal (1937-2004).
Mikel Aizpuru

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