Cruces hospital

This large provincial hospital of 650 beds built in the middle of the post-war period, implies a change of approach with the design of hospitals with the pavilion system and with buildings-runner of 3 or 4 floors, which had some validity until the 30s.

It is in North America, under the example of civil and commercial constructions, that the solution of a single block with a high number of floors, between 7 and 10 approximately, is adopted that solves some problems, particularly that of concentration in a single building throughout the medical complex.

A scheme in fishbone takes the form of a curved layout, which is con-central to the construction of a large circular square. The exterior of this space stands out as the large vertical glazed cores that contrast with the mass of brick and especially that corresponding to that of the 12-height central body that houses a circular stairs core and whose spiral shape evokes the architecture of the heroic period. 

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