• Trail name
  • Sport discipline
  • Route type
    Urban running route that runs through the different neighborhoods of Barakaldo, Lutxana, Burtzeña and Gurutzeta/Cruces. Going through different types of roads and surfaces. Mostly paved track.
  • Technical difficulty
  • Physical difficulty
  • Length
    Total: 5,91 km
  • Maximum altitude
    Total: 70 m
  • Estimated time
    42 minutes
  • Ascent
  • Decline
  • Average speed
    8,4 km/h

Description and points of interest

01- THE CIA SHIPPING. FRANCO-BELGA: The wharf of the Franco-Belgian company dates from 1886 and served as a unloading point for the iron ore transported by the railway line that the company had between the station in the Requeta de Barakaldo neighborhood, next to the Lutxana neighborhood.

Distance to the next point of interest: 1.74 kilometers

Following the path of the Portu basin, we will walk until we reach the Lutxana neighbourhood, where we will go through different esplanades, formerly belonging to the Barakaldo industrial area.

We end with: 10 meter drop / Slope of 0%.

02- OLD SEFANITRO: Located in Lutxana by order of Franco’s authorities, the Spanish Society of Nitrogenous Fabrications belonged to Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, its parent company, which also supplied it with the necessary gas for the production of sulfuric acid and ammonia.

Distance to the next point of interest: 400 meters

Crossing Andikollano street, one of the best known in Lutxana for being the one that connects directly with the Gurutzeta/Cruces neighborhood, we will arrive at the house of culture.

We end with: 8 meter drop / Slope of 0%.

03- ORKONERA LUTXANA BILDUMA: It is the Basque Government’s movable industrial heritage depository, where we can find everything from the first developments of agricultural machinery, to heavy elements of our iron and steel industry, including all imaginable sectors.

Distance to the next point of interest: 340 meters

Once past Orkonera Lutxana Bilduma and following the road, we will cross the Serralta park outside until we reach the Lutxana train station.

We end up with: 5 meter drop / Slope of 1%.

04- LUTXANA TRAIN STATION: This station was inaugurated in 1894 and despite its few passengers it was an important intermodal point with the Ferrocarril de la Robla and above all for goods to/from Sefanitro.

Distance to the next point of interest: 260 meters

Avoiding road trips and to get to Cruces we will pass through the Barakaldes Burtzeña neighborhood, for this we will enter through the Serralta park.

We finish with: unevenness of 13 meters / Slope of -3%.

05- BURTZEÑA: An industrial neighborhood par excellence and adjacent to Bilbao, formerly it had, among others, the Burceña thermal power station.

Distance to the next point of interest: 2.19 kilometers

Starting from the Serralta park, we arrive at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario school and go up a small path between it and the gas station. Crossing the zebra crossing in front and going through the small park, we will begin the climb up Calle La Calzada, taking the third exit at the roundabout, down Calle Albeniz and Corazón de María. There we will come to a pass that will take us to the other side of the highway, from where we will go down until we cross it again over the Hospital de Cruces bridge.

We finish with: unevenness of 48 meters / Slope of -1%.

06- HOSPITAL DE CRUCES: Its activity began in 1955 and is currently the largest and busiest health center in the Basque Country thanks to its national reference in various specialties.

Distance to the next point of interest: 570 meters

From one of the most important points of this route, we are about to finish in one of the green spots of Barakaldo. To do this, you have to cross the hospital square to the Cruces metro elevator, turn right and take the Llano street straight line, which will take you directly to your destination.

We end with: 33 meter drop / Slope of -2%.

07- MUNOA PARK: This land was acquired around 1860 by Juan Echevarria La Llana, mayor of Bilbao, who ordered the construction of an elegant country house. In 1916 the house passed into the hands of Rafael Echevarria Azcarate, Juan’s grandson and husband of Amalia Echevarrieta, sister of the famous industrialist Horacio Echevarrieta.

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