Pulmón de Acero Mountain-biking trail

  • Trail name
  • Activity
    MTB – Mountain-biking
  • Type of trail
    An MTB trail that follows the course of the well-known Pulmón de Acero mountain-biking event. It is physically demanding and runs through a wide variety of settings.
  • Technical difficulty rating
  • Fitness rating
  • Length
    61 km
  • Altitude gain/loss
    1990 m/d+
  • Estimated completion time
    Running: 5h 30 min.
  • Weather & observations
    CCan be used all year round, though in winter and after heavy rain there will be muddy terrain at some points. After high winds and snow some sections may be blocked by fallen trees.

Description & sights of interest

The circuit starts and finishes at the Gorostiza municipal sports centre.
– Barakaldo. Start by riding around the sports centre and taking the path up to La Siebe in the Cruces-Gurutzeta district. Then head towards the district of Santa Águeda on the asphalt, taking in some sharp climbs. Before you get there, take the woodland path on the right, which marks the first stage of the climb up Mount Eretza. The highlights of this stretch are Peñas Blancas and the district of Saratxo. From the top of the mid-section of the Eretza fire-break, the track heads down towards the Eretza mountain refuge. Before you get to the refuge, turn right onto the track that leads to the foot of Pico de la Cruz. After the initial climb, continue along the track marked G.R. towards Gazteran, Ganeran (passing the hill on one side without reaching the top) and Sauco, in the direction of Peñas Negras. Then carry on towards Mount Mendibil, which is recognisable for the telecommunications mast on its top. But when you reach Trapagaran cemetery, turn off downhill through the district of La Gorriga and around the Loiola reservoir on the green trail. After that comes another climb up to the mast. At the top, start the final downward stretch of the trail via Argalario and on to Gorostiza. Head into Tellaetxe Park to top off the ride with a lap of the municipal XC circuit.

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