The way of Saint James in Barakaldo

The “Road of the Coast” within Bizkaia comprises five stages. It starts in Berriatua and ends in the town of El Hague. Its passage through Barakaldo begins with the arrival in the Kastrexana Quarter, where we cross the Devil’s Bridge, built in the sixteenth century.

Legend has it that a young woman sold her soul to the devil in exchange for a bridge that allowed her to cross to the other side of the Cadagua, where her beloved lived.

As the bridge was almost complete, the young woman repented and prayed to Our Lady; and when only one stone was missing to put on, the rooster sang after the end of the night.

Therefore, the young woman saved her soul because the bridge was not considered finished, but at the same time, she was able to cross the bridge to see her beloved. Today you can still see that stone is missing on the bridge.


Crossing the bridge we are in the neighborhood of Kastrexana, we take on the left we ascend on a steep slope for 1.2 km. until reaching the Hermitage of Santa Agueda in the neighborhood of the same name.

On the ascent, we take the medieval road that is born to the right of the road on which we ascend. During a short stretch it takes us through the forest and leaves us back on the road through which we continue to ascend until we reach the Hermitage. From the hermitage follows the road that offers us great views over the estuary and the Barrio de Cruces. We didn't ever cross the bridges over the highway. When reaching the first houses we take left to, bordering the football field, take a small path that leaves us on the track of the Via Verde de El Regato.

When we reach the highway we take the left and passing under a small bridge we leave to the road that links the Barrios de Retuerto and El Regato, both in territory of the Anteiglesia de Barakaldo.

We reach the road and cross to pass next to the church of the Sacred Heart and from there we head to the Neighborhood of San Vicente where we will visit its Church, built in the XII whistle, at the dawn of the first Barakaldo.

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