• Trail name
  • Sport discipline
  • Route type
    Urban running route through the green lung of Barakaldo. Going through different types of roads and surfaces. Mostly paved track.
  • Technical difficulty
  • Physical difficulty
  • Length
    Total: 8,25 km
  • Maximum altitude
    Total: 70 m
  • Estimated time
    57 minutes
  • Ascent
  • Decline
  • Average speed
    8,7 km/h

Description and points of interest

01- RETUERTO KIOSK: Located in the center of Retuerto, most of the shops and bars in the area are located.

Distance to the next point of interest: 956 meters

To get to the next crossing point, first you will have to cross the square towards the main street of Retuerto, cross the zebra crossing that leads to the skyscrapers and pass the two roundabouts until you reach Ametzaga street, which will lead you to the Gorostiza Sports Center.

We end up with: 9 meter unevenness / Slope of -1%.

02- GOROSTIZA SPORTS CENTER: Apart from enjoying the activities inside, you can also take advantage of its surrounding parks to do pienics and different outdoor activities.

Distance to the next point of interest: 953 meters

From this point we will begin to enter the lung of Barakaldo and the route around the Gorostiza reservoir. First of all we will have to cross the road from the sports center to a small parking lot opposite. There we will find some stairs that will take us to the top of a promenade, which ends at the height of the well-known baserri Monto. Following the path that passes through the baserri, we will begin to walk along the promenade next to the reservoir.

We end with: 37 meter drop / 3% slope.

03- TORRE GOROSTIZA: Former txoko of the high officials of Altos Hornos de Vizcaya.

Distance to the next point of interest: 1.23 kilometers

We will continue walking on the wooden promenade and enjoying the landscape of this magnificent environment.

We end with: 39 meter drop / 2% slope.

04- HISTORICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL INTERPRETATION CENTER, ALSO KNOWN AS CIHMA LUIS CHOYA ALMARAZ: It offers information and cultural activities on the history, heritage and environment of Barakaldo.

Distance to the next point of interest: 150 meters

Once here, we will cross the zebra crossing to the park next to the hermitage of San Roque.

We end with: 44 meter drop / 6% slope.

05- HERMITAGE OF SAN ROQUE DE EL REGATO: This small hermitage dates from the 17th century.

Distance to the next point of interest: 2.97 kilometers

From this point and passing the bridge that passes over the flow of the Castaños river and its fauna, we will begin the return to Gorostiza along the path inside the reservoir, which is surrounded by trees, including oaks, holm oaks and eucalyptus trees. Halfway there, around kilometer 5.8, we will reach a point where we will find a bench from where we can enjoy the views of the wider area of the reservoir.

We finish with: unevenness of 17 meters / Slope of 0%.

06- CARREJO BOLOS A KATXETE DE GOROSTIZA: Although there are references to 1898, the Bowling society at Katxete de Gorostiza 33 has been officially active since 1945. This traditional form of sport was on the verge of disappearing and has been recovered as part of the Basque intangible heritage.

Distance to the next point of interest: 1.25 kilometers

To reach the end of the route, this time we will do it through the interior of Gorostiza. To do this, we will continue walking a few meters until we reach a small wooden information booth. Once here we must take the path to the right, which will take us directly back to the Gorostiza sports center.

We finish with: unevenness of 11 meters / Slope of -3%.


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