• Trail name
  • Sport discipline
  • Route type
    Urban running route that surrounds the territory of Barakaldo. Going through different types of roads and surfaces.
  • Technical difficulty
  • Physical difficulty
  • Length
    Total: 9,09 km
  • Maximum altitude
    Total: 60 m
  • Estimated time
    1 hour 03 min
  • Ascent
  • Decline
  • Average speed
    8,6 km/h

Description and points of interest

01- ILGNER BUILDING: The ilgner building, inaugurated in 1927, served for many years as a facility for Altos Hornos de Vizcaya (AHV).

Distance to the next point of interest: 1.10 kilometers

To get to the next point of interest we will cross the “El Desierto” square and we will arrive at a tall building called “El Carmen”, which formerly served as the headquarters of Altos Hornos de Vizcaya. Crossing the park that surrounds the building, we will pass by the Larrea school and going up the hill we will reach the next point.

We end with: 29 meter drop / 9% slope.

02- LARREA PALACE: This belonged in the 18th century to one of the wealthiest families in Barakaldo, the Echavarri family, descendants and heirs of numerous estates and estates.

Distance to the next point of interest: 520 meters

We approach the highest point of Barakaldo, for this we skirt the Salesiano San Paulino de Nola school on the left side, where we will find some stairs that will take us to the next crossing point.

We end with: 61 meter drop / Slope of -5%.

03- URKULLU PARK VIEWPOINTS: From its viewpoints you can see the landscape and buildings of Barakaldo from above.

Distance to the next point of interest: 920 meters

From the Barakaldo water tanks, we will begin to descend Urkullu Park along the road on the opposite side to the one we have climbed, arriving at the Rontegi neighborhood and its well-known “eye square” for its blue statue, which is located just Finish the slope on the left and go down the stairs behind it.

We finish with: unevenness of 11 meters / Slope of -3%.

04- LURKIZAGA TOWER HOUSE: Dating from the 16th century and also known as the Etxatxu farmhouse, it has two floors and a 785-square-meter piece of land.

Distance to the next point of interest: 740 meters

Crossing the zebra crossing that we find next to the tower house, we border the houses of Sakona square on the outside and arrive at the Landabeko skatepark, where we will cross the BEC esplanade.

We end with: 3 meter drop / 1% slope.

05- ANSIO: Las Vegas de Ansio and Galindo hosted the factories that at the beginning of the 20th century were incorporated into Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, while the slopes of the mountains that surround it were filled with houses for the workers of the industry.

Distance to the next point of interest: 970 meters

We border the BEC on its eastern side, from where we can see different models of Altos Hornos in the roundabouts and sidewalks while we walk along its esplanade.

We end with: 7 meter drop / Slope of -1%.

06- BEC (BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTER): Fairground located on the land previously occupied by Altos Hornos de Vizcaya.

Distance to the next point of interest: 590 meters

Once the walk through the BEC is over, we enter La Ribera avenue. Currently known as the Megapark, it is the largest retail park in the north of Spain. To avoid traffic and crowds, we will go behind it and passing behind the Hotel Puerta de Bilbao we will arrive at our next crossing point.

We end with: 4 meter drop / Slope of 0%.

07- ZUBITXUETA PARK: The walk along the Castaños River begins here. This rises on the northern slope of Mount Eretza in the municipality of Gúeñes and borders the municipality of Baracaldés until it flows into the Nervión.

Distance to the next point of interest 4.25 kilometers

We begin the walk, which will take us to the end of the route. You can do this on the sidewalk or on the path next to the river. At kilometer 7.51 you will reach the Barakaldo-La Arena bike lane bridge (approximately 16 km, starts from Barakaldo and ends at La Arena beach) and passing it we skirt the river on the Urbinaga side. At kilometer 8.46 we will go back to the Barakaldo area over an iron bridge and follow the route through the bidegorri.

We end with: 3 meter drop / Slope of 0%.

08- LA CHOPERA PARK: Next to the Lasesarre soccer field we find the Chopera park, which owes its name due to the large number of Poplars that are planted. This is where we end this route around Barakaldo.

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