Barakaldo was bombed on several occasions, although the data on this issue are mixed. In “Trails of memory” at least a dozen bombings throughout 1936 and 1937 are collected as follows: 09/25/1936, 11/17/1936, 04/22/1937, 04/23/1937, 29 / 04/1937, 04/30/1937, 05/06/1937, 05/12/1937, 05/19/1937, 06/13/1937, 06/18/1937, 06/19/1937.

As can be seen, the bombardments intensified notably during the months of April, May and June until the fall of the Anteiglesia.

Regarding the numbers of victims, the data is not yet final. The Basque Government gives a total of 30 dead and 22 injured in the municipality of Barakaldo.
The damage caused by the bombings implied an overstrain to the municipal council to be able to relocate the families who had been left without homes and to start building safer shelters for the population.

In addition to the shelters mentioned here, various sources point to the existence of shelters in different neighborhoods of the town of which no trace remains.

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