Bombing of the Nicolas Larburu vocational training center

Description of events

Date : May 19, 1937
Address : C / Aldapa 3

Although it would not be inaugurated until 1944, the Vocational Training Center was under construction at the time of the outbreak of the Civil War. The basements of the building under construction were used as a bomb shelter.
According to the historian Koldobika López, the young Manuel Lores Gistán died at the gates of this refuge in the bombing of May 19, 1937. The explosion caused a piece of metal to be embedded in his body causing a fatal wound.
The center has been active since its foundation in the same place. No vestiges of the event remain.

LÓPEZ, Koldobika (2016). The Civil War in Barakaldo. Eleven months of resistance. Bilbao: Beta Editions.

Place reference

There are no traces of the damage suffered by the bombing (Calle Aldapa 3)

State of conservation

There are no traces of the damage sustained by the bombing.

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