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Address : Plaza de Bide Onera

The Bide Onera Consumer Cooperative dates back to 1920. Originally it was made up of 250 members and largely promoted by the Solidaridad de Obreros Vascos union. Its objective was to be an alternative to the Cooperativa de Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, controlled by the company itself.

The cooperative will initially operate in an old farmhouse, until in 1927 the current building that opens onto the square of the same name was built. With the Franco occupation, the board and employees were purged, and it was renamed Cooperativa de Consumo “La Cruz”.

As stated in a document from the Municipal Archive, the Board of Directors elected in January 1937 was made up of people of different ideologies: members of the right, the Solidarity of Basque Workers, the Basque Youth or the Basque Nationalist Party were present in it.
With Franco’s purge, the new Board of Directors was formed with right-wing people, monarchists and traditionalists.

Municipal Archive of Barakaldo
Box 719. File 12.

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