Mausoleum of the municipal cemetery

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Address : San Vicente Cemetery. The kalea rosary, 19

A crypt was built in the municipal cemetery of San Vicente. Knowing the number of Baracaldes who were in favor of the uprising and who died on the battlefront was relatively simple, since after the occupation of the parish church an exhaustive investigation was carried out on “those who fell for God and for Spain.”

As Mikel Aizpuru indicates, there are “a total of 54 people. It is worth noting that not all of them were buried in the crypt built by the city council for this purpose, only thirty were. Despite the fact that the tombstone indicates the form of assignment of the deceased (Carlist, Falangist, Legionnaire or soldier), it is not certain that all of them were volunteers ”(vol. I, p.193).

It was built during the 1940s. On March 10, 1942, it was inaugurated with the presence of local and provincial authorities.
Currently the mausoleum is located in the San Vicente cemetery

AIZPURU, Mikel (2010). Barakaldo, an industrial city: boom and consolidation (1900-1937). Vol. I. Bilbao: Beta III Milenio, DL

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