Traditionalist society

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Address :  Portu nº 5

Traditionalist society was basically made up of Carlists, people of Catholic and traditionalist ideology, of a regionalist nature and far from any nationalist fickleness. This fact, as Mikel Aizpuru explains, “contributes to understanding the important weight that Baracaldés Carlism would have in the first Francoist town hall after the end of the Civil War” (vol. I, p.151).

The company had its headquarters at 5, Calle Portu, where it remained until its dissolution in 1978, in the middle of the democratic transition.

AIZPURU, Mikel (2010). Barakaldo, an industrial city: boom and consolidation (1900-1937). Vol. I. Bilbao: Beta III Milenio, DL

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Headquarters in calle Portu nº 5

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Flats building.

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