Gordexola Battalion (16th of Euzkadi)

Description of events

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Address : C / Ibarra s / n

Its commander was Luis Urkullu. According to Mikel Aizpuru (vol I, p. 192), this battalion had its headquarters in the Rebonza schools in Sestao, but was formed in Euzko Etxea de Barakaldo, as a result of the merger of ANV Autónomo and the PNV.

It was made up of young nationalists from the left bank of the Nervión, the vast majority from Baracaldes, being its base the Elgezabal company. He distinguished himself in the defense of Mount Sollube and the Bilbao Belt.

After the fall of Bilbao in the hands of the national troops, the Gordexola remained in Barakaldo guarding the factories of the antechurch, and deciding whether or not to destroy the factories, after an express order to do so, before the entry of the Italian forces. 

These men understood that the annihilation of the factories implied condemning the Baracaldes to death and they decided not to do so by agreeing with the Italians. They laid down their arms after being promised that their lives would be respected and the nationalist families of the town would not be disturbed.

There is a park called Luis Urkullu located in the Rontegi neighborhood.

AIZPURU, Mikel (2010). Barakaldo, an industrial city: boom and consolidation (1900-1937). Vol. I. Bilbao: Beta III Milenio, DL

Place reference

This battalion was located in the barracks on Ibarra Street, in the Hijas de la Cruz school (subsidized educational center).

State of conservation

The location is taken on Ibarra street, that school (Hijas de la Cruz) is the one in Santurtzi, and we do not know exactly if there was actually a school on that street.

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