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Center authorized for medical attention
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Address : Av. Miranda, 4

The Miranda Foundation was founded in May 1911, as the last wish of Don Antonio Miranda y Arana, Barakaldés from Burceña who migrated to Cuba where he made a career in the world of commerce. After leaving the business, Antonio Miranda settled in Bilbao, where he became a director of the Banco de Bilbao.

With the fortune obtained in his businesses, Antonio Miranda ordered his executors to create and start up an asylum for underprivileged elderly in his native municipality. The building was inaugurated on June 13, 1914.

Since June 1931, part of the building has been used as an orphanage, without abandoning its founding purpose as a nursing home for the elderly.

With the outbreak of the Civil War, the Foundation was enabled as a blood hospital. 

The Foundation had to be refurbished to be able to exercise its hospital function, as can be seen from a document found in the Barakaldo Municipal Archive, dated April 8, 1937. In this letter, the mayor writes the following to the Director General of Communication :

“By order of the Defense Counselor, I have the honor to inform you that it is necessary to immediately install a table telephone set in the Miranda asylum, in this town, and three substitutes in different departments, switched between them; in order to cover the needs of the Blood Hospital that has just been established in the building of said charitable institution ”.

More than a hundred years after its constitution, the Miranda Foundation continues to occupy the same site, located at Avenida Miranda, 4, and developing the same charitable activity dedicated to caring for the elderly.

Municipal Archive of Barakaldo
Box 650, file 20

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Miranda Avenue 4.

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Very good.

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