Euzkadi mortar battalion (official)

Description of events

Date : April 20, 1937
Address :  Plaza del Desierto

The mortars used by this battalion were 81mm mortars manufactured by the Basque industry “Esperanza y Cía”. According to Koldo López, this battalion actually lacked enough mortars to train with them, so they spent the day doing instruction and marching up and down the street through La Bondad Street.

This battalion was located in the Altos Hornos de Vizcaya schools, in the Plaza de Abajo or Vilallonga, according to the same historian.

LÓPEZ, Koldobika (2016). The Civil War in Barakaldo. Eleven months of resistance. Bilbao: Beta Editions.

Place reference

This battalion was located in the schools of Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, in the Plaza de Abajo or Vilallonga today Plaza del Desierto.

State of conservation

The location is made in the Plaza del Desierto because it is not known exactly where the headquarters was located.

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