Baracaldo Martinez Aragon / 13th battalion of the UGT

Description of events

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Address : Barracks at the Colegio de los Hermanos (Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen) on its site is currently the Parque de los Hermanos.

On September 21, 1936 this battalion was organized under the name Baracaldo. It was an anti-fascist unit made up of UGT people from the left bank. After its constitution he went to the front of Marquina, fighting hard battles and always returning to Barakaldo.

As the war progressed, it merged with the Alava battalion Martínez Aragón. When the battalion was reorganized in February 1937, it became the 13th of the UGT attached to the Éibar sector. Samuel Narbón was in command of the unit, which was stationed on the Eibar front. 

He was quartered in the College of the Brothers and at the end of April 1937 in the Abacholo barracks in Portugalete.

Vargas Alonso, FM 2016. Militiamen. The social bases of the Popular Front in Euskadi and the defense of the Republic. UPV-EHU Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication (pg. 402).

Place reference

This battalion was quartered in the College of the Brothers (Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen). The Parque de los Hermanos is currently on its site.

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The building does not exist.

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