Cooperative society of cheap houses «El ahorro»

Description of events

Date : –
Address : C / El Ahorro

This group of houses is located on the street of the same name. They were built at the initiative of a group of partners in 1929. It is an example of collective housing, different from single-family homes, more common in cheap houses.

The ideology of the people who were part of the Board of Directors elected in January 1936 is unknown because, according to the purging report, all of them were absent at the time of its completion. The six people who took over the cooperative in 1937 were of right-wing ideology.

According to the historian Koldobika López, several of these houses were destroyed due to a bombing.

LÓPEZ, Koldobika (2016). The Civil War in Barakaldo. Eleven months of resistance. Bilbao: Beta Editions.
Barakaldo Municipal Archive
Box 719. File 12

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