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Address  C / Zaballa 3

Already in 1901 Barakaldo had a Republican Circle, a circle that underwent several re-foundations, but which indicates the strength of the Republican movement in Barakaldo, which had many supporters.

One of the headquarters of this circle, as early as 1922, was on Calle Zaballa 3. Different circles of this type spread through Retuerto, Lutxana, Burceña and Alonsótegi, which at that time was part of the Anteiglesia.

A rally by Manuel Azaña – founder of the Republican Left party and president of the Republic in 1936 – held on July 14, 1935 on the Lasesarre soccer field drew a huge crowd. Barakaldo had become an important republican nucleus. Proof of this is that from April 1931 to February 1936, the municipality had a mayor of republican ideology: Simón Beltrán Moreno.    

Years before, in 1930, Republican sympathizers had built a new headquarters, the Republican Casino, today occupied by the library and other municipal offices.

With the outbreak of the Civil War, the Casino would become the headquarters of the Republican Union. The Franco regime turned it into a building used by de Flechas y Pelayos, the Falangist youth.

Place reference

Located on Calle Zaballa, 3 

(It was not located on Calle Zaballa, 3).

State of conservation:

At the moment the dependencies of the municipal library are located.

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