Burcena power plant

Description of events

Power distribution center
Date : –
Address : Near the Alzola bridge

Since the beginning of the war, this power plant was protected and guarded by the military so that it would not suffer enemy air attacks.

As Koldobika López tells us, the attacks were not very common since the plant operated during the eleven months that the war in Barakaldo lasted. Electricity was cut off when coal was scarce, but the plant remained intact and was not destroyed during the withdrawal. 

It currently does not exist. It was dismantled in 2004.

LÓPEZ K. (2016). The Civil War in Barakaldo. Bilbao, Ediciones Beta III Milenio. (Page 253)

Place reference

Crossing the iron bridge of Pedro Alzola, near Munoa park, near Bilbao de Alquitranes.

State of conservation

It currently does not exist.

Old photography

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