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Industrial complex
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Address  C / El Buen Pastor

The Sociedad Española de Fabricaciones Nitrogenadas, better known as Sefanitro, was one of the main industries located in the Luchana neighborhood. Also behind the initiative was Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, its parent company, which also supplied the necessary gas for the production of sulfuric acid, ammonia, ammonium sulfate, etc. products all of them used in the production of fertilizers.

It was located in Luchana because the Francoist authorities considered it a good place. As recorded in the Official State Gazette of November 21, 1941, the government authorized the “forced expropriation of the land necessary for the installation of the factory and attached dependencies.” The decision raised the protest of the affected residents, who formed a commission and tried to stop Franco’s plans to keep their properties, although it was of no use.

This situation was experienced by about 50 families that the Franco government forced to get rid of their land. It came to occupy an area of ​​200,000 square meters.

Construction of “Sefanitro” began on September 26, 1941 and was declared a “company of national interest” to respond to the production needs of nitrogen fertilizers with which to increase agricultural harvests in a country lacking supplies and devastated by the Civil War. 

Its inauguration was carried out by Francisco Franco on June 20, 1950.
At present it does not exist. 

Place reference

Located in the Lutxana neighborhood. In front of C / El Buen Pastor, in front of Vitoritza school

State of conservation

Currently there is a huge lot where the factory was.

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