Basque youth

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Political organization
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Address  Actual Euskaltegi Municipal (Calle Bizkaia, 2)

Basque Youth was a nationalist organization in the orbit of the Basque Nationalist Party. With the 1930 split within Basque nationalism, Juventud Vasca joined ANV, having its headquarters in the current Municipal Euskaltegi (calle Bizkaia, 2), although it also had another group in Alonsótegui.

Luis Urkullu was a member of the Basque Youth, who was the commander of the Gordexola battalion of ANV. Currently, there is a park in Barakaldo in his name.

A new split, Autonomous Basque Action of Barakaldo, will emerge from it before the outbreak of war.

Place reference

Headquarters in the current Euskaltegi Municipal (Calle Bizkaia, 2)

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