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Address : Plaza Auzolan

With the creation of the Communist International in 1917, after the triumph of the Soviet Revolution, there was a rupture within international socialism. The supporters of the Communist International would eventually rally around the Communist Party (founded in 1920). The partisans of the II International continued to militate in the socialist party. 

In Barakaldo, socialism had greater support among the popular classes than its communist derivative. However, in addition to the Communist Party, there were organizations associated with communism, such as the International Red Aid, created by the Communist International, whose operation was intended to be similar to that of the International Red Cross.

The International Red Aid came to have subsidiaries in a large part of the countries of Europe. In Barakaldo it had its headquarters in the Plaza del Capitán Sediles, nº 2, 2º. With the establishment of the Franco regime, the square was renamed Plaza del 18 de Julio. It is the current Auzolan square.

Place reference

Headquarters in the Plaza del Capital Sediles nº2, 2º. With the inauguration of the Franco regime, the square was renamed Plaza del 18 de Junio. It is the current Auzolan square

State of conservation:

The location is made in the square itself because it is not known what the exact location was.

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