Iberian anarchist federation

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Address  Portu, 14-1º 

This organization was founded in 1927 through the merger of three anarchist organizations (Spanish and Portuguese), having its radius of action in the Iberian Peninsula. It shared headquarters with the CNT in calle Portu, 14 – 1º.

With the outbreak of war, the need for political groups to obtain adequate premises became clear. A document from the Municipal Archive of Barakaldo dated December 26, 1936, attests to the request of the Iberian Anarchist Federation – Comarcal de Vizcaya to the Barakaldo city council to make use of the Commercial Union building (located on Horacio Echevarrieta street, currently calle Pormetxeta) for “the development of this organization.” Such request will be denied by the mayor in a later response.

Months later, the Federation once again requested the city council to use the premises of the Chamber of Urban Property, which had been dissolved. On this occasion, and after the appearance of Miguel Aguirre Gaviña, president of the Chamber, the following day, the mayor authorized the use in favor of the Federation.

The Libertarian Youth of Barakaldo, whose headquarters is unknown, will be in the same situation in February 1937. In a letter addressed to the mayor by the Local Committee of this group, he requests a local recognizing that finding one is “an extremely difficult task. complicated due to the large number of refugees ”. They suggest to the mayor the use of the Commercial Union, on Horacio Echevarrieta street (today Pormetxeta), in which a sewing room has previously been installed for the needs of the militias.

The city council will deny the request on the grounds that this location was already assigned to establish the teaching of cutting and ironing at the Barakaldo School of Arts and Crafts.

Municipal Archive of Barakaldo
Box 655, file 3.
Box 650, file 20.
Box 650, file 1.

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It shared headquarters with the CNT at calle Portu, 14-1º

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