Sculpture of the marques de Arriluce

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Address : Antonio Trueba Park

Fernando María de Ybarra y de la Revilla (Santander, June 30, 1875 – September 25, 1936, Barakaldo (Vizcaya), was the 1st Marquis of Arriluce de Ybarra. He was a lawyer and member of the Congress of Deputies for the political fraction Maurista, Conservative Party. 

He was assassinated by members of the Republican side together with his son Fernando de Ybarra and de Oriol during the altercations that took place on the Cabo Quilates prison ship.

On September 25, while they were prisoners on the ship, they were called to the deck and the first to kill were Fernando María de Ybarra, his son, and a priest.

This monument was in a public park in Baracaldo (Vizcaya).

The location of the sculpture is unknown, although the current Antonio de Trueba park was called Parque del Marqués de Arriluce during the Franco regime, so it is to be assumed that the sculpture was located here.

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