AHV Hospital shelter (San Eloy)

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Address :  Av / A. Miranda, 5

The AHV Hospital was converted into a military hospital when the Civil War broke out. 

Faced with the intensification of the bombings from April 1937 with the consequent danger to the sick and wounded in the hospital, efforts were made to improve their security. The Historical Archive of Euskadi preserves documents that attest to these attempts. This is a letter addressed by the Director of the Barakaldo Military Hospital to the Head of Military Health of Euzkadi, which gives an account of the tension of the moment and the scarcity of means available on May 25, 1937, date of the written, just a month before the fall of the Anteiglesia:

“Recalling the conversation that took place days ago about the construction of Shelters for the wounded and sick, against air attacks, I believe in the duty to insist before that Headquarters about the convenience that the technicians who have Military Health for this, organize in an adequate way said antiaircraft defense of the hospital population of this area of ​​Baracaldo.

This problem is very topical and it worries me, given the responsibility that all of us could fall into by not taking the appropriate measures for it. 

I hope that, echoing that Headquarters of these reasonings, it activates the efforts and works aimed at making said protection effective.

This Directorate and relying only on its very limited means, is proceeding in an empirical way to take the measures that seem most effective for it ”.

Years after the war, the AHV hospital was demolished and in its place the current Hospital de San Eloy was erected.

Historical Archive of Euskadi
– M.1125 / 3-3

Place reference

The old AHV hospital was demolished and in its place the current Hospital de San Eloy
Av. A. Miranda, 5 was erected

State of conservation

At present it is a hospital of the Basque health network.

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