Bombing on San Juan street

Description of events

Date : May 19, 1937
Address : C / Aldapa 3

On May 12, 1937, during an air raid by the rebellious aviation, several bombs fell on San Juan Street, as the newspaper Sol points out the following day: “In Baracaldo, several houses on San Juan Street were destroyed. There was a slight injury ”.

Among the buildings affected by the explosions was the old pediment located on the same street. The fronton was inaugurated in July 1905 and, in addition to ball games, it was the scene of various political rallies, such as the one held by the Communist Party on the morning of July 6, 1936, days before the military uprising.

There are no traces of the damage suffered in that bombardment. The pediment was closed in 1963.

El Sol, May 13, 1937, p.2

Place reference

Where was the fronton. Almost at the height of the building that Inguralde occupies today was the Frontón de San Juan.

C / San Juan on the corner of Calle Aldapa.

State of conservation

There are no traces of the damage sustained by the bombing.

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