After the fall of Barakaldo at the hands of the nationals, numerous monuments and commemorative elements to the martyrs and the fallen began to be erected, taking on a physical dimension and palpable presence. Any reference or possibility of remembering the republican victims, who were silenced and hidden, was excluded from the public space.

Currently there are still some vestiges in Barakaldo in favor of Franco’s victims, although their presence has become almost invisible to the public, in part due to the state of abandonment in which they find themselves and because the social practices around them have disappeared. completely.

For their part, the republican victims of the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship, condemned for long decades to oblivion, have had or are having an inverse trajectory, especially in recent years. So much so that in Barakaldo there are places that seek to repair and recognize the victims of the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship in an attempt to meet the moral duty to them.

Ayuntamiento de Barakaldo

Barakaldo city council

Description of eventsDate :Address : Herriko Plaza 1During the Republic, the Barakaldo Town Hall was located…

Placa del Parque de Los Hermanos

los hermanos park plaque

Description of eventsDate : -Address : Parque de Los HermanosOn June 22, 2012, coinciding with the…

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