The industrial development in Barakaldo brought thousands of immigrants from different parts of the Spanish geography and their expression in space was fundamentally reflected with the installation of a set of factories with a considerable size, around which small and medium-sized factories were located. Business.

However, Altos Hornos de Vizcaya was the factory that stood out the most, considered the great standard-bearer of Biscayan industrialization.

This town had an intense political and union life during the republican period, with a multitude of offices in the different neighborhoods of the town. In the parish church there was enormous ideological diversity, although the leftist, republican and nationalist parties had a significant social presence.

AHV, for its part, like other companies in the area, played a fundamental role during the Civil War in Barakaldo. And in the Franco regime a repressive network was created that aimed to physically and ideologically eliminate political and union life and terrorize the population as a whole.

Altos Hornos de Vizcaya (AHV)

Altos Hornos of Vizcaya (AHV)

Description of eventsIndustrial complexDate : -Address : Altos Hornos de Vizcaya Hiribidea 33Altos Hornos de Vizcaya…

Mural Memoria

Memory mural

Description of eventsDate : -Address : Herriko Plaza StageThe Mural of Memory was born through BarakadoMemoriart,…



Description of eventsIndustrial complexDate : -Address :  C / El Buen PastorThe Sociedad Española de Fabricaciones Nitrogenadas,…

Central eléctrica de BURTZEÑA

Burcena power plant

Description of eventsPower distribution centerDate : -Address : Near the Alzola bridgeSince the beginning of the…

Gomas Garay

Garay rubbers

Description of eventsArms factoryDate : -Address :  Located in the Retuerto neighborhood, at the end of the…

Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT)

General union of workers

Description of eventsUnionsDate : -Address :  General Meetings, 4Despite the union plurality, unionism linked to the UGT…

Barakaldo’ko Euzko Batzokija

Solidarity of Basque workers

Description of eventsUnionsDate : -Address :  -The emergence of nationalist trade unionism occurred at the beginning of…

Casa del Pueblo

Town house

Description of eventsPolitical organizationDate : -Address :  -The Socialists had a stable grouping and a clearly delimited…

Casino Republicano Radical

Radical republican casino

Description of eventsPolitical organizationDate : -Address :  C / Zaballa 3Already in 1901 Barakaldo had a Republican…

Unión Republicana de Barakaldo

Republican union of Barakaldo

Description of eventsPolitical organizationDate : -Address :  -Union Republicana was made up of the Republican Radical Socialist…

Izquierda Republicana de Barakaldo

Republican left of Barakaldo

Description of eventsPolitical organizationDate : -Address :  Paseo de los Fueros, 11 bajoThe other great Republican party,…

Federación Anarquista Ibérica (F.A.I.)

Iberian anarchist federation

Description of events Political organizationDate : -Address :  Portu, 14-1º  This organization was founded in 1927 through…

Socorro Rojo Internacional

International red aid

Description of eventsPolitical organizationDate : -Address : Plaza AuzolanWith the creation of the Communist International in…

Partido Comunista

Communist party

Description of eventsPolitical organizationDate : -Address : General MeetingsThe Barakaldesa communist group, which had a large…

Udal Euskaltegia

Basque youth

Descripción de los sucesos Organización política Fecha: – Dirección: Actual Euskaltegi Municipal (Calle Bizkaia, 2)…

Batallón Morteros de Euzkadi (Oficial)

Conservative circle

Description of events Political organizationDate : -Address : Plaza del Desierto The parties of the right…

Sociedad Tradicionalista

Traditionalist society

Description of events Political organization Date : – Address :  Portu nº 5 Traditionalist society was basically…

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